About Us


About us

At NoBorders company , we offer an advanced level of diversified professional services ranging from Global Manufacturing all the way to ­Integrated Order Fulfillment of our specialized imported products for your growing business. Eliminating unnecessary costs that complicate your businesses efficiency level and impede upon your deserved profit margins, is our trademark being a worldwide player in today’s import market.
Enjoy the benefits of being ‘Business Partners’ with an experienced world leader in International wholesale product manufacturing and distribution today.

What We Offer

The Noborders company is a leading supplier of equipment for industrial enterprisers over the world.
We offer equipment for:

manufacturing lines

Industrial hardware for plant, production companies, and conveyor line.

brewing industry

equipment for breweries and wineries

building materials

Large assortment building materials .

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

Leave a request on the site to buy industrial equipment wholesale. Our professional staff tell you about advantages and support to make a decision.